Server support services

The server is the heart of every office.

Server support services

The server is an essential part of any office’s IT infrastructure. You can easily replace a user workstation or network equipment, but you can never replace your data, which is the lifeblood of many companies.

Seba Direct, we believe every small to medium-sized office server should be operated and maintained at the same level as a Fortune 500 company. This includes continuous OS updates and daily local and cloud-based server data backups.

One of our experienced support engineers will work with you to offer a custom support package customized to your office server. This support package will include all the above-mentioned support services as a low-cost, flat-rate monthly support plan.

Instead of constantly putting out IT fires, leave the computer support to us so you can focus on your core business. If your company’s IT needs are wasting your employee’s time and resources rather than optimizing them, Seba Direct can get you back on track.

An experienced managed service provider can give you the edge to:

  • Expand your business while our support technicians handle your technology.
  • Accomplish more with information technology that increases productivity and your bottom line.
  • Do away with budgeting surprises with a flat monthly rate for comprehensive IT coverage.
  • Protect your company network and your data from unexpected problems and unwanted intruders.

Our US-based team is service-oriented, and our highly experienced technicians are efficient experts in their respective fields.

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Remote and On-Site Support Technicians

Our technicians remotely manage servers and customer endpoints. Technicians are available to be onsite at your office at a moment’s notice.

What are IT server management services?

Our server management services include everything to keep your server running, providing data and applications to your users.
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Simple, Flat Fee Services

With our bespoke flat-fee IT support plans, your company will be charged a predictable, no-surprise monthly rate.

Avoid Ransomware Costs.

When you’re running your business, who manages your business servers? With the changing IT landscape, it’s more important than ever to maintain your office servers professionally.

If you don’t constantly monitor your servers, something could go wrong, and you could find yourself in serious trouble. Los Angeles– area companies can, get all their IT service management support needs by Seba Direct.

Here is what our services can do for you:
  • Cover the setup and configuration of your servers and the applications that are hosted on them
  • Maintain software on the server on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform regular patch management services on all office servers.
  • Work around the clock to ensure your servers are up and running optimally and, that no issues will interfere with your company’s operations.
  • Handling any server management issues that come up.

Complete Support:

When you need IT support, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable technicians can resolve all your IT issues, whether you’re setting up a new computer or trying to open a secure email. Our team has all your IT needs covered, and we’re always ready to help with any issue you may have.


Having to pay salaries, taxes, insurance, and retirement costs places a large load on company budgets. Fortunately, Seba Direct has you covered. Not only will your company save money on employees, but our experts will always remain committed to helping you find the most affordable and, effective solutions to all your IT needs.


it support services los angeles

Remote & On-Site Support Technicians

Our team of highly experienced technicians remotely manages servers and customer endpoints. Our technicians are available to be on-site at your office at a moment’s notice

Simple, Monthly Flat Fee Services

Our bespoke flat-fee monthly IT support plans mean a predictable, no-surprise monthly rate for your company.


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