Cloud Services

Cloud is the future of IT. Don’t miss the train of opportunity and lower IT operation costs.

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Cloud Services

Future proof your company with affordable cloud services.

Cloud services allow your company to host servers, networks, and applications in the cloud. Seba Direct provides cloud hosting services on multiple platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and hybrid environments.

The cloud provides your company great flexibility around IaaS while allowing you the option of pay-as-you-go or fixed-fee pricing model.

Our cloud engineers will help you design, build and support a robust and secure cloud environment and provide cost management to ensure your cloud services don’t spiral out of control.

Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution Desktop Solution

Today we can host all applications on user workstations and office servers in the cloud. This includes their operating systems, settings, applications, and data. What does this mean for your business? Your users can connect to their cloud-based workstations from anywhere in the world. Moving to the cloud offers security and reliability to your company data.

Our expert team of Microsoft Office 365 engineers continuously monitors and tunes your email environment to ensure top-notch service for all your digital workplace applications and services. We strive to help demystify the complexities of Microsoft Office 365 for your company.

Troubleshooting: It is important to discover and resolve issues during migration to Office 365 to help eliminate downtime and improve user adoption.

Security: Microsoft Office 365 provides enterprise-grade multilayered security.

Operations Engineer Experts: Our Team of experts works hard to deliver a quick solution to your issues. This is accomplished by root cause analysis based on industry-standard diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Let us help you build your business cloud services using Microsoft Azure. Microsoft offers world-leading, enterprise-grade services at a fixed or pay-as-you-go monthly cost.

With many features available covering IaaS, storage, networking, machine learning, and IoT, Azure gives your business the foundation it needs to innovate effectively in these challenging times.

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Transform Your Business Processes Today with Cloud Cloud Computing Managed Services

Unleash the benefits of the cloud with a cloud services company dedicated to your success.

  • Our managed cloud solutions support your entire company with ongoing management that keeps your cloud running smoothly.
  • Reduce capital expenses with cloud-based technologies that offer significant savings versus on-premise solutions.
  • Utilize economies of scale and future-proof your company, and ensure that your technology needs grow alongside your business.
  • Our managed cloud services provide reliable security and disaster recovery solutions for your business.

Disaster Recovery

The Seba Direct cloud disaster recovery service leverages incremental backups and cloud replication to ensure that all your critical data is duplicated, stored securely, and available when needed in the cloud.

We work with you during every step of your disaster recovery plan, including the initial discovery, design, planning, testing, deployment, and support using the latest cloud technologies.

On-site backups provide security by providing a way to store critical data on local servers. Should your company experience an outage, your on-site backups quickly restore your essential systems and data, minimizing downtime.

On-prem backups like these are an effective alternative to managed cloud solutions as a business continuity plan; in our experience, most companies leverage both to achieve the highest level of business security and continuity.


Cloud Migration

Our staff of cloud experts is here to help when you need infrastructure moved to the cloud.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services; we have you covered and will create a cloud solution that works best for your network operations.


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